Changing the way the law regards animal rights.

Pets are FAMILY, not just property!

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The veterinarian industry, especially has benefited greatly from the love that  an owner has for their companion animal.  They induce a very expensive relationship to keep your companion animal in the best of health, but when something goes awry, they fall back on the premise that you are owed nothing because your animal is only a piece of property.

  Alba Law Office is dedicated to protecting the rights of all owners of companion animals.  Under Florida law, your dog, cat, bird, etc. are only a piece of property.  We are actively working with Florida lawmakers to change that.  A companion animal is not and should not be regarded as only a piece of property like a toothbrush; it's a family member who loves unconditionally.  If your companion animal has been harmed by a veterinarian, a boarder or a groomer, we want to hear your story!!   

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